Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Visit to Steve, Portia and gorgeous Kai

Sunday 3 May 2009

Craig and Dion were up at the crack of dawn (6.30 and 7:00) and spent some good quality boy time chatting .

I then woke and joined the boy chat.

It was raining so lovely to laze around in pajamas, having tea with good friends.

Aside from Craig, I (Dion) have another friend I know from Repteens living in Dublin: Portia. Repteens is a youth theatre group we attended in Zimbabwe, where we made many great friendships. Portia and her Irish hubby, Steve, both architects, had just given birth to a son, Kai, so we were quite keen to visit them.

Eventually we firmed up plans and set out to go over to Portia and Steve's house to see their newest addition, gorgeous Kai.

Jo decided that she needed alone girl time so the three of us set off.

On our way, we detoured via Penney's (where I bought the babies the softest blue and pink teddies I have ever felt), HMV and then grabbed some SuperMac chicken burgers since it was lunch time.

We met up at their house and for me (D) it was like it always is when meeting old friends: a few more wrinkles on both sides but everyone is still the same in personality.
So it was great catching up with Portia, meeting Steve and getting to cuddle Kai all afternoon! His name is Scandinavian, I believe. This was the first time I’d held a baby so it was quite nerve-wracking. But Kai was kind to me!

BTW, they’ve got a sunroof in their bathroom (trust architects!) so don’t go to GoogleEarth or anything! ;)

Craig with Kai

Steve, Portia and Kai

Gorgeous, tiny Kai - 6 weeks old

Craig, doing the thing he does so well, listening

Dion and Kai

cute baby hands

and cute little feet

Group pic time - Dion, Steve holding Kai, Portia, Marcia

and this time with Craig

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