Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beautiful Dublin skies

Friday 1 May 2009 (Worker's Day in South Africa)

We did our usual lazy morning, sleeping-in thing.

Eventually got ourselves dressed, fed and got the bus into the city centre.

For some reason we didn't have the correct change but the Dublin bus drivers are unforgiving - they do NOT accept anything less (on some weird level you have to appreciate the NO COMPROMISE attitude).

Instead of kicking us off the bus, he told us (in front of the ENTIRE silent bus) to ask one of the passengers for change.

What can you do but obey?

Can you picture an exasperated, heavily pregnant lady saying to the lil old ladies? "do any of you have change for 5 euro?"

Fortunately a lovely lady right near the front had change for us.

It's those moments that make me appreciate South Africa so much.

Anyway, departed the bus at the usual spot in front of Abbey Court and did a book crawl.

Bookworm, Easons and then Penney's.

The River Liffey

Then lunch - bagel with chicken and cheese for D and chicken burger for me

I happened to have a conversation with a pregnant lady in Tesco who told me there was a maternity shop on Talbot Street.

Rubbish... or else it was so hidden even two highly visual people couldn't find it.

We walked and walked and walked.... and still nothing.

Eventually at 3:30 we did our Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour but poor D, I was so exhausted that I couldn't even get on and off so we just went round looking through the bus windows.

Saw Trinity College, St Patrick's Cathedral, Christchurch Cathedral, the Guinness Factory and Phoenix Park.

When we boarded the bus to get us back home, who do you think was driving it?

Yes = same bus driver as in the morning!

Rested at home for a while and eventually after much to and fro, decided to have supper at Eddie Rockets, an American-style diner, with Craig and Jo. We had burgers, fries and shakes which in true Dublin style set us back to the tune of......... R500!

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